1st Post: First Day Intro

Our first day of class was as I had anticipated (exciting and instructional). After being part of the M.A program for almost 2 years now, I am at a stage now where returning to classes feels like returning to a favored and missed cult, or even a second family. Coming together again with our mother and director of our M.A program reminded me of what it’s to come in this new Fall semester. I felt excitement not only because I knew what I would be getting myself into, but also because I would be learning about new material I am still in need to further master (Electronic Literature). I’m actually glad that this course is part of our program, since it is a type of literature that is very popular nowadays, and further learning about it will benefit me a great deal. I’ll be looking forward to learn about this material from our beloved instructor, since I feel she is perhaps the most appropriate person to teach us about E-Lit, and the many things surrounding it.

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